Precision Machining

We specialize in the design, development, and production of precision-machined parts that are used in applications that demand high quality and precision components.

We equip advanced devices, including CNC Lathes, CNC Machining Center, Multitask Turning Center and different types of grinding machines. Besides these key machining methods, our strong outsourcing power for heat treatment, surface treatment and other types machining methods, enables us to provide our customer with integrated precision machining part solutions.

We offer customized machining components to many industries, such as automotive, electrical fittings, medical equipment, hydraulic equipment and food processing industry. Our main products include pump outer shell, valves, shafts, hardware, bearing accessories, and fasten & connecting pieces.

Production Capabilities

Material Capabilities

Equipment list

No. Equipment Name Model Brand Country Specification
1 CNC Lathe FBL-200 CHEVALIER Taiwan Max cutting dia Ф180mm
2 CNC Lathe FCL-140 CHEVALIER Taiwan Max cutting dia Ф220mm
3 CNC Lathe MT-42ST MATECH Taiwan Max cutting dia Ф180mm
4 CNC Lathe MT52/450 MATECH Taiwan Max cutting dia Ф220mm
5 CNC Lathe CKD6136I Da Lian China Max cutting dia Ф360mm
6 CNC Lathe CKA6150 Da Lian China Max cutting dia Ф500mm
7 CNC Lathe LA300 TAKISAWA Japan Max cutting dia Ф580mm
8 Turning center LA250YS TAKISAWA Japan Max cutting dia Ф370mm
9 Milling Center FALCON-2033VMC CHEVALIER Taiwan X Y Z dimension:850mmX510mmX510mm
10 Milling Center GX1000 HARDINGE USA X Y Z dimension:1000mmX600mmX550mm
11 CNC grinding machine JMA3065CNC Wende China Grinding dimension:Ф290*650mm
12 Vertical drilling machine GT3-231 GENERAL Taiwan Max thread dia:M20
13 Cutting machine GB4028 YUANDA Cezch Max cutting dia Ф250mm
14 Vertical milling machine X6325T TONMAC China Workbench:1270X250mm
15 Ultrasonic cleaning machine KPD25-3240W KPD China washing tanker dimension:800X600X400mm
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