Investment Casting

The process of investment casting involves making the fusible wax patterns and coating them with refractory slurry. The coated shell will become a molded housing after hardening and de-waxing. By filling the shell with molten metal and removing the shell, the new metal part can be made.

We use Taiwan-made fully automatic machines with imported medium temperature was to produce the wax mold, to ensure stability and size consistency. Our shell is made of several layers of zircon sand & zircon powder, special fire-resistant material from Australia, which ensures good surface quality. To ensure casting material conforms to national standard or customer requirements, we conduct material composition analysis of each furnace by spectrometer imported from Switzerland.

Our key investment casting products include valves and pumps, auto-fittings, connecting and fasten pieces, and bearing housings. These parts are widely applied in automobiles, medical equipment, food and beverage processing equipment, electrical and light industry as well as many other industries that demand precise quality standards.

Production Capabilities

Material Capabilities


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